Around The Yard [Part 2]


One Day in Ari Bangkok

The first day after a long trip can often be overwhelming. You have mix emotions because your body is still a little tired but your head can’t wait to explore the city. We know the feeling 😉 So, what should you do on your first day in Bangkok? Our suggestion is that you explore a little our charming neighborhood: Aree.  


If you are staying with us, we suggest you take your time and enjoy your breakfast. Hang out a little bit in our yard, catch up on your reading, chat with the other travellers and just feel at home! After you took all in, you can go to the Soi Ari 1 Street (The street is parallel to the main avenue where Ari station is). Enjoy the view as you pass by some traditional houses and pay attention to the Spirit Houses. They can be found in front of houses or commercial buildings and they usually look like a miniature temple or traditional Thai house. It’s their belief that you have to keep the spirits that used to live there happy. So, they offer them food, drinks, incense and flowers. As you continue your walk you will also see small stands that sell little jasmin crowns and fruits. They can be bought to be offered to Buddha in a temple or to a Spirit House.  (attention: they are not bracelets or necklaces!)   


You will also find a variety of food stands, that go from fried chicken to the beloved Durian fruit. Feel free to explore the local flavors there. If you rather sit down to have lunch, we recommend the Summer Street  (Open at 5 p.m) and Lay Lao. If you are up for dessert afterwards, head to Crepe San Chat Thai  ( San chart = National, so San chat Thai = Thai National). You won’t regret it 🙂


Seafood grill

Enjoy seafood grill


Thai Food

Lay Lao, E San Food.


Crepe Bangkok

Crepe San Chart Thai.



How about a walk in the park after lunch? The Chatuchak Park is  quiet, tranquil and local! You won’t find many tourists around here and you will have an opportunity to just see how locals enjoy the city. Don’t feel guilty of wasting an hour or two sitting on the grass, underneath a tree and watching the lake. If you feel more energetic, this is a great place for running or jogging.

In case you are still a little tired from the walking and need to recharge (yourself or your phone hehe) you can stop by one of Ari’s cafes. Porcupine and Ease are great choices to have to taste the Thai Ice Tea.  A bright orange drink with a vanilla flavor served with a lot of ice. Perfect to regain your strength.


Start the night by grabbing a beer in our bar and getting to know a little more the other travellers and our staff. We are always ready to chat 😀 If you are ready to have dinner you can take a long walk – #not – to our neighbor, Paper Butter. The Chiang  Mai Spicy is a favorite among our guests.

If you want to go out for drinks, our suggestion is that you check out one of the craft beer bars in the area. O’Glee and Tap Room have great choices for you to get to know about Thai Beer! If you are in the mood for some music, we recommend Pakalolo. They also have great food in case you want to grab a bite to eat.  

Burger in Ari Bangkok

Paper Butter, travel in Southeast asia long time. Sometimes you miss Burger.

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