Scam in Bangkok


Bangkok Scam

Top 3 scam in Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of backpacker so sometime you can not ¬†avoid the scamer. But don’t worry about that if you know the trick before you come to Bangkok. And please believe your sense.

The most bangkok scam tour

The most scam in Bangkok

The Grand Palace is Closed Today

This is being told falsely to visitors by various guides around the palace so they can get your business, its not correct!

You can visit! Its open!

Usually opening Hours: Daily 08:30 – 15:30
cost 500 baht! One ticket includes entry to Vimanmek Palace and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall.

See more detail the grand palace website

Grand palace closed

Grand palace calendar

Tuk Tuk

If Tuk Tuk offers you a 20baht to take you tour around Grand Palace and old town, it’s a scam so they can posdibly take you to the jewel shoos or tailer shops!
Not reccomeded!


If you travel only around Bangkok, cost will not over 500 Baht. Meter starts from 35 Baht and increases with time & distance at a reasonable rate!
If they say 500 B. or 1000 B. As a fixed price you say “NO” always use a meter!

Just be smart & aware of scams

PS. Whenever you have sense is something wrong, should call back to your hostel and ask them. They always want to help you.


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