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the yard hostel bangkokThe Yard Hostel Bangkok

We are just one hostel in Bangkok from so many but you choose to come to The Yard. Thank you for coming and the great message.

One thing about working at our hostel that encourages us to continue is the support (from other people).

We would like to keep these messages in (the guestbook) with us forever.

There are so many hotels and hostels/accommodations in Bangkok, but you chose to come to The Yard. This is not a coincidence, but something (pre-) determined.

Maybe it’s because of the photo of the green trees,

maybe the photo of our guests conversing at the smoking club, or maybe the reviews from Tripadvisor.

No matter how, we would like to thank every of you who stop by and become friends and/or parts of our The Yard Family.

our neighborhood.


I love this hostel. Beautiful garden, cool room. I will recommend to all.


review hostel Bangkok

Thank you for a green, and family stay.


hostel bangkok

Guest book


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