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Its all about Bangkok transportation. After having lived in Bangkok for almost 6 months now, I learned how to be creative in going around the city and the country. I always prefer to do as locals do. Thus I’ve round up 5 ways on how you can do it too.

1 – Grab

Think about Uber but in Asia. Most people don’t know about this but it’s the next best thing to Uber – plus it’s much cheaper.

Perhaps the only struggle would be to ensure you be accurate in pinning your location so your grab driver won’t have a hard time looking for you.

Grab usually does random promotions and discounts so always be on the lookout and check your email because they might have sent you a promotion code with a 50baht discount. It can be crazy cheap sometimes, so make use of this resource.

Grab Taxi Application.
Local app. same as Uber but cheaper.

2 – Ferry/Taxi Boat

Like most big cities, Bangkok has been plagued with traffic. Thus, most locals tend to get creative in going from point A to point B.

To avoid traffic, taking a ferry would be your best bet. It is a much cheaper option as compared to tuktuk. Starting from 9 baht, it can take you from the old town from Ratchathewi station.

3 – Motorbike

These single motorbikes usually park on the side with some orange uniforms. That’s one of the quickest ways to get to where you want to. So make use of them. The drivers are usually friendly and they know they way around in terms of getting the shortest route to where you want to go.

If you’re in a rush to get to somewhere, go get yourself into a motorbike taxi. But don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Or if you want to explore Bangkok by yourself, you can rent the motorbike. Please see the detail on this link.

Bangkok transportation has many options to go around

4 – BTS (Skytrain) or MRT (Subway)

Another efficient Bangkok transportation to go around the city that locals use is the BTS/MRT. From the airport you can take a bus, take the BTS and alight at the nearest station where you want to go.

In my opinion, this is also the best way to get rid of all your coins because when buying a train ticket, the machines only accept coins. And it’s easy to know how much the fare is from one station to another as it would say in the machine how much you need to pay.

5 – Bus

One of the cheapest way to get around too. Much cheaper than the train most of the time. There are other local buses that gives you a free ride. Fare usually starts at 10baht for non-aircon, and maybe 14 baht for aircon buses. Bangkok transportation is really good.

You can always ask the locals which bus number goes to where you want to go. It never hurts to consult uncle Google as well.

Bangkok Transportation

Bangkok Bus

So there you have it, 5 ways to get around Bangkok that not most people know about. Or maybe they know about it but they still prefer tuktuk or taxi. When you visit Bangkok, get creative in moving around and you’ll get to have a more authentic experience than a touristy one.

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Bangkok transportation

Bangkok Transportation




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