Chang Chui Plane Night Market in Bangkok


Plane Market, a “must visit”

There is a new creative space with an airplane inside near Bangkok called Chang Chui Plane Night Market. The concept of  the plane market is create a space where new generation of artists and designers can showcase their work without spend a lot of money. The creative space has art gallery, a cinema, restaurants, cafés, tea house, street food, creative and unique shops and a plane.

plane night market bangkok

The plane restaurant Noah

Chang Chui is also interesting because is all made by reused structures. You can see how all those different materials can fit perfectly together. It`s a great sustainability project to prove the concept nothing is useless. If you don`t know, The Yard Hostel was fully made by shipping containers and reused materials.

The concept is noting is useless.”

The plane market is a great place for art lovers, like us. There are several interesting places to be inspired by home decor and the innovative design. If you like shopping, you’ll certainly enjoy Happening, an art and craft shop with exclusive products, t-shirts, handbags, mobile covers with exclusive prints and fair prices.

Maybe you like Carpenter, another store with some handmade and high tech products. But if you like music, you need to know Chang Chen Live House where you can find CD and vinyl record. If you are Lucky, you also can see some local band playing. But if you like photography, no problem, there is a space for you as well.

plane night market bangkok

Skull Corner

The concept of Chang Chui is also about art and that`s why there is cinema and exhibition spaces. When we went there was a touching and very beautiful exhibition, a tribute in memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, The Rama IX, the Silence of the Universe.

Check out the schedule before you go, there are always new things going on. It was in Chang Chui where Som gave a speech about the project behind The Yard Hostel, showing that is possible to have a that is sustainable and profitable business.

The plane market there is also some shop of accessories made of silver and other wooden products, all exclusive. For clothes, FlyNow is the best option. The owner of FlyNow is the same idealizer of the Chang Chui project. If you are going with kids, don`t worry, there is a space dedicated to them with clothing and ceramic painting workshops!
plane night market bangkok

Thai markets has become trendy and a phenomenon of visitors, and Chang Chui Plane Night Market has one important thing same as other markets: good food! It has options for all tastes and budgets. If you want to rest and grab a coffee, go to Yon Yarn Hall, because it`s perfect to relax and see some interesting books. Maybe you’d like some tea, then go to The Tea House. Beer? Huay Bar. Want some western food? There’s pizza! But certainly if you are in Thailand, you want Thai food. You will not be disappointed, because there are many options.

To eat, perhaps the most exotic place is Insects in the Backyard that offers options that have insects with high nutritional grade. Yes, I now it sounds a bit weird, but… why not? Then there`s Noah, the name of the airplane restaurant that quite luxurious with chandeliers, animal sculptures and sometimes live music. When we went there, the music was really good! And also the Skull Corner which is a giant greenhouse shaped like a skull with good food and tree shop.

plane night market bangkok

Insect in the Backyard

As you could see, there are many reasons for anyone staying at The Yard Hostel in Bangkok go visit the Chang Chui Plane Night Market.


Chang Chui Plane Night Market is located in Thonburi, side of Bangkok, but is easy to get there from The Yard Hotel, even by public transportation:

  • By train

From Sam Sen train station to Bang Bamru is about 25 minutes. You have to take a motorbike from the hostel (20 baht), take the train at the station Sam Sen, get of at the station Bang Bamru and take a motorbike (20 baht) to Chang Chui. Check here the timetable and fares. Ask us to write in Thai all those names, so you can show to the driver and at the train station.

  • By bus

From Victory Monument to Bang Kruai is about 1 hour. You have to take the BTS from Ari station and get of at Victory Monument. Then you take bus 515 or 539 and get on Bang Kruai.

  • By taxi

It`s a bit expensive, but if you are not alone, maybe it`s the most comfortable option. You also can check fares on apps like Uber and Grab (Android / IOS), about 200 baht.

Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Road, Bang Phlat District, Bangkok. Download the app free and off-line (Android / IOS) to pin your route, because sometimes it works better than Google Maps.


  • Tuesday – Sunday: 4pm to 11pm
  • Before 4pm only the green area is open.


  • Tuesday – Friday: 20 Baht, free before 4pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 40 Baht, free after 9pm
  • Free for disabled persons, monks and children not exceeding 120cm in height.


plane night market bangkok

plane night market bangkok

Exhibition Silence of the Universeplane night market bangkokplane night market bangkokplane night market bangkok

plane night market bangkokplane night market bangkok

plane night market bangkok

Exhibition Silence of the Universe


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