New Years Eve in Bangkok: Where to Celebrate


5 Places to Welcome the New Year

New Years Eve in Bangkok is a big party! The city loves to celebrate any kind of festival, so if you are planning celebrate New Years Eve in Bangkok, we have some suggestions for you with countdown, of course.

Here in Bangkok there are luxury hotel parties, river cruise, nightclubs events, but besides the closed celebrations, open air new year celebrations in Bangkok are spectacular and loads of fun. I spent one New Years Eve in Bangkok in my first time here and it was super fun and I watched an outstanding fireworks show ate the Central years eve in bangkok

New Years Eve in Bangkok is a big party!

1. The Yard Hostel

We always celebrate here at The Yard! Every year is different with a special activity. Last year we went to a local bar to celebrate and we had so much fun. For this year will be surprise! Come to celebrate New Years Eve in Bangkok with us.

2. Central World

Bangkok has many popular places to celebrate New Years Eve, but the highlight is the Central World Shopping. It’s one of the biggest shopping places of the world and the biggest countdown event of the city occurs in front of the Central World Square with fireworks show. There are concerts by local bands and beer garden. It`s definitely my favorite one, because it’s free and not so crazy as the celebration at Khao San Road.

3. Asiatique The Riverfront

The night market Asiatique will give you a unique and more relaxing riverside atmosphere. There are plenty of food and drink options and excellent fireworks. I just recommend you go early, because traffic will be gridlock!

4. Street Party

Khao San Road doesn’t disappoint party people. There’s everything you need to welcome the New Year if a crowd doesn’t bother you. You will meet people from every corner of the world. A crazy party!

5. Riverside 

The riverside is one of the best places to celebrate New Years Eve in Bangkok. You can book a river cruise or maybe go to a gala event in some luxury hotel by the river. I must to say it will be very expensive, thousands baht.

There are plenty options, including nightclubs and sky bars. But the most important is have fun and welcome the New Year wherever you feel better.

new years eve bangkok

5 Places to Welcome the New Year in Bangkok


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