Best Area for Digital Nomads in Bangkok: Ari or Thonglor?


A guide to work online in Bangkok

area for digital nomads

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Which is the best area for digital nomads in Bangkok is the first question comes to mind of who is coming for the first time. And also is a very important decision for those who work online, because good wifi matters!

Bangkok is a huge and modern city (outside of old town, of course) with plenty entertainment options, good and cheap food and also a great structure for digital nomads and those who work online. The internet is good, speeds averaged between 10 and 15 Mbps, and there is a large list of good co-working and work-friendly cafés with good prices. Check out Coworker for co-working spaces.

But even being a work online friendly city, it’s better chose the best place for you. There are two best areas in Bangkok for location independents: Ari and ThongLor.

Where to stay in Bangkok

What usually those who work online looking for is a place away from the most touristy and business areas, but with good public transport links to these areas and good and inexpensive food options. Bangkok has everything!

I recommend staying always close to the BTS Skytrain stations (green lines) or the MRT metro stations (blue line). Each station is a mini center with street food, shops and other amenities. But they vary along the way.

All stations north of the Sanam Pao BTS Station to Mo Chit BTS are the most popular among hispters, digital nomads and expats. And between the Thong Lo and On Nut BTS stations are the favorites of big companies expats. Both areas offer the same kind of structure with international restaurant, good and cheap local food, co-workings, good transport link and what sets them apart are prices. I do not mean rental princes, because this is very similar, but the cost of living in general.

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area for digital nomads

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Quick Guide to Ari Neighborhood

The Ari neighborhood is a good area for those who want a little off-beaten-path tourism within a short distance to everything. Staying in the Ari neighborhood is being further away from the tourist attractions but with easy access to all of them. To be in the Ari neighborhood is to see local life in Thai style.

Ari has a large expat community, is well frequented by hipters and favorite place of digital nomads. So even seeing enough of the local life, you will not be isolated without varied options. That’s what makes the neighborhood great success!

There are dozens of local and international restaurants, from the cheapest to the most expensive. In addition there is a shopping mall, international market, nomad friendly digital cafes, co working spaces, art galleries, massage and some green spaces such as Aree Garden and The Yard Hostel, an oasis in the middle of chaotic Bangkok.

Near the Ari is the Chatuchak Park with Chatuchak Weekend Market and JJ Green Night Market. I highly recommend the Ari neighborhood as best area for digital nomads in Bangkok and expats because it has everything a traveler seek in Thailand, but without all the common tourists traps that happen in Sukhumvit.

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area for digital nomads

Quick Guide to ThongLor Neighborhood

The ThongLor (or Thong Lo) neighborhood is the area for anyone who wants to stay in Bangkok with style. The neighborhood has classy bars, boutique shops, fashionable clubs and international restaurants. This is the Thai elite’s favorite neighborhood in the city as well and for expats looking for a sophisticated environment.

They say that it is the most hipster of Asia. It’s not that much, but this fame attracted several artists and bohemians from all over the country. Today is certainly a very interesting neighborhood with several options of co-workings, where people work remotely for international startups.

ThongLor is off the tourist typical itinerary, but offers easy and direct transportation to almost everywhere. Even though so much sophistication, you still can find good and cheap Thai street food.

I would highly recommend ThongLor to anyone who wants to have a comfortable life away from home. Even though it is a luxury neighborhood, the values ​​are still affordable by European standards, for example, but not for all digital nomads, definitely.

area for digital nomads

Best area for digital nomads in Bangkok

Ari or ThongLor?

It’s not difficult to choose the best area for digital nomads in Bangkok, just depend on how long you gonna stay in town.

LONG TERM: The accommodation price is the same, with apartment rental options for a minimum of 3 months with a 2 month guarantee, something around $ 450 + the electricity bill per month, or Airbnb.

SHORT TERM: For digital nomads or expats who are in transit or just on visa run, I recommend Ari, because the cost of living drops dramatically. There are more options for inexpensive food and nomad friendly cafes. And of course, you have our The Yard Hostel with shared and private rooms where you can also get your work done without worrying about how long the co-working or coffee closes.

area for digital nomads

Best Area for Digital Nomads in Bangkok: Ari ou Thonglor?

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