Ari Neighborhood: The Best Area in Bangkok

Ari neighborhood is a hipster area and home to a selection of great restaurants and cafés. This area attracts a dynamic audience of diners, drinkers, and creative practitioners.

This neighborhood area has a large expat community, is well frequented by hipters and favorite place of digital nomads in Bangkok. So even seeing enough of the local life, you will not be isolated without varied options. That’s what makes the neighborhood great success!

Ari Neighborhood Bangkok

Ari neighborhood: Best Area in Bangkok

The Ari neighborhood is the best area in Bangkok for those who want a little off-beaten-path tourism. But within a short distance to everything, because it’s easy to travel from here.

Staying in the Ari is being further away from the tourist attractions but with easy access to all of them. And Ari has a lot to offer for visitors seeking a quieter side of the city, because you can see local life in Thai style in tranquil streets. And also meet many friendly Ari residents.Ari Neighborhood Bangkok

The Guardian choose Ari Neighborhood 

Ari neighboorhood is so cool and The Guardian writers chosen this area as The best travel discoveries of 2017.

There are dozens of local and international restaurants, from the cheapest to the most expensive. In addition there is a shopping mall, international market, nomad friendly digital cafes, co working spaces, art galleries, massage and some green spaces such as Aree Garden and The Yard Hostel, an oasis in the middle of chaotic Bangkok.

Ari Neighborhood Bangkok

The Yard Hostel

You will easily to get lost in smells and flavors enjoying lively cafes, bars and street food. And also near the Ari neighborhood is the Chatuchak Park with Chatuchak Weekend Market and JJ Green Night Market. Read our Ari local guide.


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Ari Neighborhood Bangkok

Ari Neighborhood: The Best Area in Bangkok

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