5 Hostel in Chiangmai


Where should I stay in Chiangmai?

Whenever I want to go to Chiangmai, my big problem is ‘Where should I stay?’ because there are soooo many hostel in Chiangmai. 

Chiangmai is very famous destination between November to February because of  that period is the coldest weather in Thailand. Not only for foreigner, also Thai people .

One thing you have to know, there are many long holiday in Thailand and Thai people will head to the mountain for feel cold weather. So you have to plan for the transportation as soon as you can.

The Yard Team went to Chiangmai and separate to try to stay in many hostel and the hostel are different style for different people. We will try our best to tell you more as detail below.

Baan Heart Thai

“Baan” in Thai means “Home”.

This place can be home for you because of two sisters who care everything. They will find the good food in very local style for your lunch even you don’t ask and definitely very tasty.

The common room first floor, they provided a long table for traveler can meet and chat. The bathroom is super clean because of the ventilation design is perfect. Can’t say any thing good enough for the mattress, it’s super good with curtain, I’m sure you will go to the lobby and say ‘extend one more night please’ because of you wake up late.

Baan Heart Thai, Hostel in Chiangmai

Atmosphere : 4

Location : 4.5

Service : 5

Website : Baan heart thai


S*Trip is located near night bazaar so if you are looking for the place where locate in the perfect location, should book here.

The most thing I like is the breakfast box, they will ask you when you fill the check in form.

In case you plan to go out and explore Chiangmai in early morning, you can ask them for that (so sweet).

The mattress is very comfy and the room is clean.

If you decide to stay in this place, don’t forget to enjoy the huge balcony under the shade of big tree (very relax).

Atmosphere : 4

Location : 4

Service : 4.5

Website : S*Trip The poshtel

S Trip the poshtel

The Planter’s hostel

If you are someone who don’t like the busy place but still want to see the city sometime, the planter’s hostel is the place for you.

I really happy to know that they have the vegetable garden in the back yard and we can collect it and cook in the outdoor kitchen in Thai style.

You can spend whole day in the hostel, good coffee from the cafe in the hostel and cook your own food from fresh vegetable from own garden and enjoy beer time in the evening, that’s all for relaxing day.

Atmosphere : 4.5

Location : 4

Service : 4.5

Website : The Planters hostel

The Planter’s hostel


Suneta is the hostel brand, they started the first branch in Chiang Kan (North east of Bangkok) and Khaosan road.

They just open in Chiangmai.If you like antique wood design you will like here.This place is suit for traveller who wanna have their own private space and need quite place for working.Even dormitory room it’s like a private room that you will get your own working table and separate each bed by real door.If you are the social person I think here it’s not a good choice.For location it’s very good so you can find everything that you want around here.

Atmosphere : 3.5

Location : 4.5

Service : 4

Website : Suneta hostel Chiangmai

Suneta Chiangmai

Thunderbird Hostel

Thunderbird is located on the backpacker street (Moolmueang rd.) . You just walk pass the local market and have to try to look for the small (very small) entrance. After you walk up you will see is the huge space with a cool cafe that can provide you from coffee to craft beers and bakery which fresh bake the bread also fresh made food like pasta by themselves. For music lover, they have PIANO right in the center off the building also this place put on good music from morning breakfast time until dinner time in evening even in restroom! You will start your beautiful day with a cup of great coffee in the morning and enjoy the craft beer with the piano music before go to bed and get a good dream.

Atmosphere : 4.5

Location : 4.5

Service : 4.5

Website : Thunderbird hostel Chiangmai

Thunderbird hostel Chiangmai

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