Great news about the Yard´s “Grandchild”


In Thai ‘yard’ means relative – and once you’ve stayed with us, that’s exactly what you’ll be. And as you are part of the Yard family, we are glad to share exciting news about “The Grandchild Project”. 

We are currently in the middle of literally taking The Yard into new level and different heights.  As a result we have many people around, lots of work gets done while at the same time we also often have a full house of guests.

Yes, bit chaotic and but nevertheless we keep reminding ourselves to enjoy the entire process as it is a big dream which is about to come true.

Taking Yard into the new level

Let´s meet “The Grandchild”

This is a reconstruction project to create more private rooms integrating the green design. Our aim is to build rooms that are more eco-friendly by designing and reducing production and consumption. It is our hope to forward the good planet to our grandchild.

By staying with us, you too can be part of forwarding a liveable planet to next generations. If you are interested in social sharing, we are happy to tell you more how you are contributing to this project by staying with us during the reconstruction period.

Brief insight and a big THANK YOU

We´ll soon give you the entire overview but before doing so, are sharing some bits and pieces of our current daily life.
On one hand we´d like to express our gratitude to everyone who´ve been staying here during the construction work, being very supportive and understanding. On another hand it is our wish to keep rest of you updated about what we are up to.
And of course, not least importantly, a big THANK YOU to our own team and everyone involved.

Stay tuned to find out more soon as those new rooms are absolutely incredible.

The Yard Bangkok, Yard Hostel, Granchild project

The Yard Bangkok, Yard Hostel, Granchild project

The Yard Bangkok, Yard Hostel, Granchild project

The Yard Bangkok, Yard Hostel, Granchild project

Your Thai family and home away from home ♡

See you in The Yard! 


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