Let´s meet our Brazilian Worldpacker, Pedro


We are glad to welcome our new volunteer, Pedro Dalmolin (26) who will be helping us to organise the events. On a road since May 2018, this Brazilian guy has been using Worldpackers´ opportunity in Spain, Israel and now here, in Thailand.

“I find it the best way to travel, I really do,” assures Pedro, while sharing his story, how Worldpackers has literally changed his life.

Last month in Jordan

Dream about the rain

Today´s rain

We are having this conversation in a beautiful garden of The Yard him sitting on a bench and me lying in a hammock. It is 33 degrees but it feels like 40. So, it is a really hot day.

Pedro: “I haven´t seen rain for 6 months. In Spain, no rain. In Israel, no rain. Hopefully I´ll get to see some rain here!” …and quess what? Less than half an hour later, it started to thunder and shortly afterwards, the heavy rain followed. 

So, wishes do come true. Often faster than we can expect.

A moment before having this conversation about the rain, I had asked about the tattoos on his arms as I only saw half. After him pulling up the T-shirt sleeve, I could read from one side: “I am the master of my fate,” and from another “I am the captain of my soul.”

Life before Worldpackers

BA in business, internship in being a headhunter for one consultation agency: “Calling to many people, like 30-50 calls every day. It was a good experience but nothing I would like to do for a long time.”

As a final exam in the university, the task was to start a small business. Their product was designed T-shirts which they sold pretty well. However, 8 months after graduation, they decided to close the business as everyone had other plans.

After this experience Pedro was working in sales and marketing for language school, selling courses. “From there I got fired and pretty much the same time my girlfriend who I had been together with for 2 years, broke up from me,” he said, assuring that by now he thinks those were the best things that could happen to him.  

It was in autumn 2017 when all those events led Pedro to think that maybe he should just go and travel around. He had been thinking about it for a long time – dreaming about and writing down countries he´d like to visit but now it was the real plan.

Getting ready

For the holiday season he was working as a salesman in a sport´s shop, selling shoes: “I liked it a lot and learnt a lot,” he explained, adding that also the bosses were good, probably the best he has ever had.

It was one day before his birthday, 28th of February 2018, when he finished this temporary work and started the preparation for this journey.

“It took me for 1.5 months to get all the paperwork sorted. By March I was accepted for May in the Winery and for July for Malaga but I wasn´t accepted for June,” he was pointing out the emtpy cap in his plans.

However, when looking back now, he does consider himself as a very lucky guy whose trip has unfolded perfectly.

Why Thailand and why The Yard?

“The same answer, why Isreal, There is no reason (laughing). I am from South America, I already saw Europe and Isreal and now I am in Asia. So, in a way I´ve been covering quite a lot of the world,” explained Pedro.

Actually he chose The Yard mainly because it is not a party hostel but more chilled place. The last hostel he worked is huge: 380 places, being (according to the Hostelworld) 4th best XL hostel in the world. As a result he decided, it is good to have something smaller and more peaceful.

Pedro has been travelling with one-way tickets ever since he left Brazil. He plans only as much as necessary: “I go with the flow and see what happens.” Well, so far so good and we are glad to welcome Pedro here, in The Yard.

To everyone who is planning to go somewhere but have not yet had a courage: “Just go! The world is more safe than you can imagine. And if someone asks about your travelling purpose, just say “why should everything have to have a purpose?”.”


The Dead Sea

All ideas are welcome

Who ever happens to read those lines and have good ideas about any kind of event which would be great to organise here in The Yard, is very welcome to talk to Pedro.

“Events are made from people to people. If you have ideas about cool things that we can do, just scream my name that I´d pop up! I´m the guy with long and curly hair. Pedro is my name, but you can call me Brazil.”

In the Spanish winery

Previous Worldpackers´ experience




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