How to Get to The Grand Palace From The Yard Hostel



Photo Credit: via Pexels

Written by Evelyn Kim, Volunteer at The Yard Hostel

The Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s best-known attractions. In its guide titled “Must-See Sites in Bangkok”, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority writes that the Grand Palace is currently “for [the] royal rituals, receiving royal visitors, and performing the royal funerals.” If you choose to visit the Palace, please note that this attraction has a strict dress code: Your clothes must cover your shoulders and legs completely. Wearing shorts, even when your legs are covered, is not allowed– wearing a long skirt or long pants is acceptable.

Here is how to visit this popular attraction from The Yard Hostel:

After exiting The Yard, turn left and walk down Phahon Yothin 5 road. You will approach the “T”shaped street intersection and the BUTCHER restaurant sign.

When you see this, turn right and walk to the main road, Thanon Phahon Yothin. You will know that you have reached this street when the noise levels, car traffic, and pedestrian traffic increase.

Turn left at Thanon Phahon Yothin, and walk towards the Ari train station. You will see a plaza with shops called La Villa, which has a waterfall. Stand in front of this plaza and wait for the 509 bus.

You will pay your bus fare inside the bus— a 50 baht bill is enough to cover the fare for two people for one trip.

Exit the bus near the Royal Rattanakosin Hotel. Walk on Thanon Ratchadamnoen Nai, alongside the Sanam Luang Park, and the Grand Palace will be on your right side.

When visiting the Grand Palace, you will likely see other people walking towards the Grand Palace, too. If you feel lost, simply follow them!


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