Loy krathong | ลอยกระทง


Lantern Festival | Loi Krathong (in Thai)

Lantern festival is on full moon of the 12th Thai month (Around November) . The name is different under the place. We call Yi-Peng in northern and Loi Krathong for another place.

Yi-Peng : The people will float the lantern up to the sky.

Loi Krathong : The people will float the basket to the river.

Loi = Float

Krathong = Basket, made from banana leaf in usual.

We float the basket for respect the river God called ‘Phra mae Khongka’.

Where should you go for the festival?

Yi peng



Loi Krathong


  • Golden mount
  • Chao Phraya river
  • Asiatique
  • Wat Arun
  • Lumpini Park

When is the Lantern festival 2017 ?

November 3rd

How to get local Loi Krathong experience ?

My home is located beside the river, I remember when I was young many people sell some food and firework on the boat. The children were very happy to play, in the river was very beautiful.

For this special festival, I brink our guests to my home and float the basket in Chao Phaya river. We made a BBQ , drink and took the boat to the river (as a river tour but not like tourist because of my cousin ride the small boat like local people)

Lantern festival
Enjoy swimming in Chao Phaya River


Lantern festival
BBQ before float the basket


Lantern festival
Local life, easy to be happy like a child



Practicing to ride the boat


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