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More than party in Thailand

Because of The Yard Hostel is not a party hostel. We take care our guests as a family. And we would like to recommend the place where you can meet the nice people.

Yards of The Yard is our project , try to find the best place somewhere I have been, someone I have met.

‘Yard’ in Thai mean ‘relative’ , so Yards of The Yard is our family who would love to take care of you.

Note : The Yard receives no commission from any place listed on this map.

Yet, we are very certain that everyone included here will take care of you like a family member.

The only benefit we get is that The Yard Family members (Yes, you are) will be in good hands.

Yards of the yard.


2 hours from Chiangmai bus station (A-Ket, อาเขต) by minivan with 150 Baht.  I have been there 6 times. I love Pai because of Pai has nothing to do (for the lazy traveler)

Our Yard : Baan Kati Sod

‘Kati’ is the owner of ‘Baan Kati Sod’. I met him 2 years ago. He has been running the business for 8 years. He worked for The Yard Hostel for 1 month (just for fun). He is a very nice guy.

Please stay with him, if you are not a party person.

Pai Thailand
Baan katisod Pai


Saraburi is a bit north of Bangkok. 1 Hour from Bangkok by bus or minivan from Mor chit bus station with 80 baht. Around November to January, Thai people will go there to see the sun flower field. Also has the cave and waterfall.

Our Yard : Baan Lom Bon Fook

‘Ball’ is the guy who own ‘Lom Bon Fook’ guesthouse. He is my friend and he will take care of you as a family. Lom Bon Fook is not a tourist area, if you want to unplug yourself, I recommend this place.

Baan Lom Bon Fook, Saraburi.

Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang is the closest island. 1.30 Hours form Bangkok by bus or minivan from Ekamai bus station. And take ferry around 30 mins to Koh Si Chang. You can rent the motorbike to explore the island.

Our Yard : Baan Yu Dee Mee Kwam Suk (Happy home)

You will see Pi Moh. I met her 8 years ago. No Pi Moh, No The Yard. She has a magic hand, can do everything. At her guesthouse can give you the inspiration with good music from vinyl and good food from the sea.

Baan Yu Dee Mee Kwam Suk (Happy Home)

Koh Mak

Koh Mak is near Koh Chang but smaller. Koh Man is more quite and natural.

Our Yard : Pano-Resort

When I went there I stayed at Pano Resort, Pi Boy is there, he is always waiting for you. Very good view, good price and good people.

Koh Mak
Pano Resort Koh Mak

Koh Kood

Koh Kood is bigger than Koh Mak. The beach is very beautiful. Especially no 7-eleven.

Our Yard : Baan Makok

I stayed at Baan Makok. In front of the house is the cannel. From the back of the house, you can walk to the waterfall and also you can reach the beach by kayaking in 10 mins. Perfect place to recharge.

Koh Kood
Baan Makok Koh Good (Cr.FB Baan Makok)




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