The Yard Hostel Bangkok History


The Yard Hostel has a lovely and inspiring history of friendship between Som and Big Som. We would love to share with you!

The Yard Hostel Bangkok
The Yard Hostel Bangkok History: Kring, Som and Big Som, March/2015
The Yard Hostel Bangkok
Best Hostel in Thailand in 2017 by Hostel World: Big Som and Som, March/2017

1.How did you come up with the idea to have a hostel?

We used to join the website , we registered our activities as cook and dinner at our home. We met many people in 6 months.
One day we met a couple, they booked this activity. And we were very happy to met them. One week later they message me invited us to dinner.
We met again and they ask to stay at our home. We was surprised because of we just know them and impossible that the hotel in BKK will not available. So we ask them, they said they just got a bad experience about the host and want to stay with someone they could laugh, talk and feel safe.So they stayed with us. And now we are family!
After that we though we should have some place for the people like that. The place where feel like home.

2. Were you looking for a place with a yard or did the place find you?

We don’t know, but if we have to answer we think the place find us. We have no idea and no experience in the hotel .One day at night the street was dark and we saw the phone number in font of this house.
That time we didn’t know that has the big space in the back of house, we just love that house. Then we call the landlord and make the appointment. In our first time here we feel so relax and in my imagination was very clear: the white building and big yard.
The Yard Hostel Bangkok
Before, July/ 2014
The Yard Hostel Bangkok
After, March/2015

3. Why did you decided to run a hostel?

I just want to quit my job and we dream to go to London by the train and stop by to say hello to our family around the world.
Now we have google map to record the guests address. We will go to their house and knock the door.  🙂

4. What does The Yard Hostel mean to you?

The Yard is our life. We will try to be home for traveler and also staff and the people in this neighborhood. In addiction we are taking care our team as our family. We focus on the happiness, not only profit.

5. How did you guys meet and how long have you known each other?

We met in the university for master. Together 2 years in the university and 7 years we used to run the clothes business together.
I think we are perfect team . One can do something the other can not.
We can’t say ‘work’ when we working because we feel so relax.

6. In your opinion, what makes the Yard unique?

The Yard Hostel unique because of ‘US’ (Team). Not mean Yard or container, they are the hardware.
Our team is unique. I’m sure this is the best team. They are the most valuable asset for The Yard Hostel.

The Yard Hostel History in photos The Yard Hostel Bangkok

The Yard Hostel Bangkok

The Yard Hostel Bangkok The Yard Hostel Bangkok The Yard Hostel Bangkok The Yard Hostel Bangkok The Yard Hostel Bangkok

The Yard Hostel Bangkok
The first The Yard team
The Yard Hostel Bangkok
Willy, our first guest
The Yard Hostel Bangkok
The Yard in March/2015

Come to be part of our The Yard Hostel family and our history!  Check out our rooms.

The Yard Hostel Bangkok
The Yard Hostel Bangkok History


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