Guest Spotlight: Alistair Walton


What is your name?

 Alistair Walton

Where are you from?

I am from West Sussex in the south of England, between London and Brighton. 

Any favourite memories from your travels?

My favourite memory so far (just been made now) has been riding scooters up Doi Pui by Chiang Mai; tremendous fun, stunning views, and we explored a traditional mountain village. 

What do you like about the Yard?

I liked everything about The Yard; best toilets and showers I’ve seen in a hostel, extremely helpful and friendly staff. They’ve found a rare balance of quiet but also near the action. 

Any advice for other new or veteran travellers?

I’m new to traveling so I’d best listen to advice rather than give it haha, but I guess I would say: travel light, unnecessary things are unnecessary burdens. When you get back from your travels, note what you didn’t use, and don’t take that next time.



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