Author Monica Moras

8 Nov

Best Time to Visit Thailand

WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS BY MONTH The best time to visit Thailand is when you want to come! I know you don`t want rainy days, so let me explain how the weather works here. The weather in Thailand is divided in two: dry and rainy season. Rainy means monsoons. Thailand is a tropical, hot and humid country. The best […]

3 Nov

Thailand`s Lantern Festival: Loy Krathong and Yi Peng

Thailand`s Lantern Festival, a festival of lights The Thailand`s Lantern Festival is magical and is held each year on the twelfth full moon, usually in November. But wait! Did you know that there are two lantern festivals? Yes, it does! And they are celebrated at the same time coincidently, which causes a great confusion. In […]

1 Nov

Chang Chui Plane Night Market in Bangkok

Plane Market, a “must visit” There is a new creative space with an airplane inside near Bangkok called Chang Chui Plane Night Market. The concept of  the plane market is create a space where new generation of artists and designers can showcase their work without spend a lot of money. The creative space has art […]