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13 Nov

Death Awareness Cafe – around the corner from The Yard

Unless you pay really close attention, it is easy to walk along the street without noticing the entrance or any of the signs. However, once you realise this unique Death Awareness Cafe, which is featured in CNN and Lonely Planet, is “hidden” between the Ari station and The Yard, you might be interested in stepping in […]

16 May


Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is a lovely city full of history and tradition. Here is a guide of thing to do in Chiang Mai. TEMPLES IN CHIANG MAI CHEDI LUANG: This temple was built in 1401 and despite the earthquake of 1545, the temple still having elephants carved on the sides. Admission costs 40 […]

22 Feb

Quick Guide: What to See in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is the Venice os East and an island of palaces and pagodas. There are many things to see in Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. And that’s why we wrote this quick guide! ABOUT AYUTTHAYA Ayutthaya is ancient capital city of Thailand situated about 80km north of Bangkok. The city itself is surrounded with […]

15 Feb

Day Tour: Khlong Toei, Tourism for Social Change

Day Tour in Khlong Toei Every Sunday from 9am to 3pm Price: US$ 62 ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE A tourism project for social change at Khlong Toei Community is a project to foster mutual understandings within the community, and to promote a more accurate perception towards their lives. From slum community to self-defined community, Khlong Toei is […]

25 Jan

Top 13 Things to See in Bangkok Riverside

Bangkok riverside is one of the prettiest areas of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River is the heart of Thai capital. This area is home to some of the city’s most luxurious hotels and most impressive temples, along with several other landmarks. Doesn’t matter is it’s day or night, the riverside is a great place […]

17 Jan

The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

Are you planning to visit The Jim Thompson House?  I have been to The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok and it’s a great place for people interested in architecture or artwork. Jim Thompson background Jim Thompson was a silk entrepreneur and art collector. Born in the USA in 1906, former architect, Thompson served the Office of […]

10 Jan

The Yard Hostel Bangkok History

The Yard Hostel has a lovely and inspiring history of friendship between Som and Big Som. We would love to share with you! 1.How did you come up with the idea to have a hostel? We used to join the website , we registered our activities as cook and dinner at our home. We […]

7 Jan

Bang Krachao: Explore the green lung of Bangkok

Bang Krachao, the green lung of Bangkok Bang Krachao is known with the green lung of Bangkok. It’s an island with vast vegetation well preserved and had become a refuge for families on weekends. The perfect place to rent a bicycle and go exploring everything. Bangkok is a busy city, sometimes even chaotic. When you […]

5 Jan

Ari Neighborhood: The Best Area in Bangkok

Ari neighborhood is a hipster area and home to a selection of great restaurants and cafés. This area attracts a dynamic audience of diners, drinkers, and creative practitioners. This neighborhood area has a large expat community, is well frequented by hipters and favorite place of digital nomads in Bangkok. So even seeing enough of the […]

27 Dec

The Yard Hostel Bangkok Family

The Yard Hostel Bangkok wants to proudly present our team, the best team, our most valuable asset and what makes our The Yard a great family. Every member of our team has something unique and special to offer. Our The Yard Hostel Bangkok story began when Som and Som were already tired of their 9 […]