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Where can I leave my luggage?  

Many people ask me

Sometime you don’t want to carry all of your stuff with you everywhere.  These are the options that secure and good standard.

Suvarnaphum Airport

Location : At level 2 and level 4

Charge : 100 Baht per 24 hours

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Bangkok self storage

Location : 29 RamaIV Road Kwaeng Klongton, Khet Klongtoey Bangkok 10110

Charge : 150 baht per piece, per week

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Luggage storage in the hostel

You should check the policy of the hostel before make a booking that how long can you leave the luggage? And is it safe?

Don’t leave the valuables stuffs like computer, laptop, or jewelry. And make sure you lock the bag.

Usually you can leave for a month in the hostel where you stay and come back after travel but at The Yard Hostel, you can leave up to 2 months with free of charge.

Leave my luggage in bangkok

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