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26 Feb

How to Get to The Grand Palace From The Yard Hostel

  Photo Credit: icon0.com via Pexels Written by Evelyn Kim, Volunteer at The Yard Hostel The Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s best-known attractions. In its guide titled “Must-See Sites in Bangkok”, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority writes that the Grand Palace is currently “for [the] royal rituals, receiving royal visitors, and performing the royal funerals.” […]

15 Feb

The Top Five Ways to Save Money in Bangkok

by Thomas Truong, Volunteer at The Yard Hostel If you are traveling to Thailand for the first time, then we’ve come up with several tricks for you to getting around Bangkok and save money. This resource intends to cover food, transportation, and accommodation.  We hope that you read this and enjoy your time in Bangkok! […]

18 Jul

Chiang Mai Road trip

Chiang Mai road trip I just decided to start a Chiang Mai road trip… One night, I’m sitting there with half a bottle of Sang Som, ice and slices of lime. The more interesting the conversations became, the less Sang Som was left in the bottle. I had no idea what kind of special occasion the […]