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28 Dec

3 – Hours Bicycle Tour in Chinatown | Bangkok

3 – Hours Bicycle tour in Chinatown 8 a.m and 2 p.m daily 950 Baht 12 k.m You will see parts the real Bangkok in our bicycle tour in Chinatown.  By bike, we will explore Chinatown’s narrow alleyways, markets and backstreets as well as the charming local areas of Thonburi, nowadays refered to as the […]

10 Dec

5 – Hours Bicycle Tour in Bangkok

5 – Hours Bicycle Tour in Bangkok (included boat) Time: 7 a.m and 1 p.m daily Price: 1650 Baht Our 5 hour bicycle tour in Bangkok and boat tour will reveal the different faces of Bangkok. From the exploration of bustling Chinatown to the quiet, forgotten and green plantations. In between we explore the ‘Venice […]