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23 Feb

How I Ended Up at The Yard: A Personal Story

By Thomas Truong, Volunteer at The Yard Hostel Since I was 7 years old, I had always dreamt of check marking my grandpa’s world map after exploring all of the countries of the world. It was the first thing I Googled (How to travel the world as a broke college student) after graduating university. It […]

25 Feb

Staying Healthy As A Traveler in Bangkok

Written by Evelyn Kim, Volunteer at The Yard Hostel Staying healthy as a traveler in Bangkok can feel complex, because the city’s warm, humid climate and distinct environment can surprise many people. Here are some ways to remain in optimal health here: Wear a mask when you go out. People in Bangkok often wear masks […]

18 Jul

Chiang Mai Road trip

Chiang Mai road trip I just decided to start a Chiang Mai road trip… One night, I’m sitting there with half a bottle of Sang Som, ice and slices of lime. The more interesting the conversations became, the less Sang Som was left in the bottle. I had no idea what kind of special occasion the […]