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17 Nov

Let´s meet our Brazilian Worldpacker, Pedro

We are glad to welcome our new volunteer, Pedro Dalmolin (26) who will be helping us to organise the events. On a road since May 2018, this Brazilian guy has been using Worldpackers´ opportunity in Spain, Israel and now here, in Thailand. “I find it the best way to travel, I really do,” assures Pedro, […]

15 Feb

Day Tour: Khlong Toei, Tourism for Social Change

Day Tour in Khlong Toei Every Sunday from 9am to 3pm Price: US$ 62 ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE A tourism project for social change at Khlong Toei Community is a project to foster mutual understandings within the community, and to promote a more accurate perception towards their lives. From slum community to self-defined community, Khlong Toei is […]